FFA Girls win at State competitions

Eliza Bailey is holding her ribbon awards.

Photo Credit: Casey Harper

Eliza Bailey is holding her ribbon awards.

Jacquelyn Perez, Staff Reporter

This fall some of the FFA team members competed at the State Fair in Grand Island and at State. There were several FFA members who competed and were successful in their endeavors. Casey Harper, FFA Co-Sponsor and Schuyler Central High School Agricultural teacher, has been teaching for four years but also has been involved in FFA for 10 years. At State 4-H, Eliza Bailey, a senior, placed 4th in a Horticulture contest and qualified for nationals in Maryland. Eliza said, I am leaving for Nationals for 4-H coming up in October.”

Addison and Allison Vavricek at the State competiton.

Allison Vavricek, is a sophomore and a second year FFA member. Allison competed at the State Fair and won Overall Champion FFA Goat Showman. This is Allison’s second year winning at the State Fair. This year Allison was put in a new, older age category. Allison knew there would be experienced showmen who are older but the win made things more special. Allison explained, “When I first won, I was shocked and couldn’t believe it. I remember hugging everyone and getting a lot of congratulations. I was so happy that I even started crying talking to my dad on the phone, because he couldn’t make it to watch me. It was truly one of the best days of my life.” 

Addison Vavricek, a sophomore, is in her second year in FFA. Addison placed fourth place in Sheep Showman and Hampshire Market Lamb, she also qualified for the Senior All-State Livestock Judging Team. Allison was shocked when she won. This was her first year competing in showing goats. She was competing against junior high through college age competitors. “I had worked very hard for months and put in a lot of hours with my goats. I was extremely happy and proud to see that all my work had paid off,” shared Addison.

Addison and Allison Vavricek started by receiving their sheep in March. They both worked on their goats for five months. They usually spent two to four hours in the barn every day. “I have a schedule where one day I will do my lambs legs and treadmill them, then the next day I will practice showing my lambs,” shared Allison. Allison studied some questions the judges would ask and would help her on what to do and change with her lambs. Addison would wash them, blow them out, and put product in their hair to make it look good and healthy.