Old math teacher inspires new math teacher


Photo Credit: Amy Juarez

Mrs.Scott smiles while dismissing her students from class.

Amy Juarez, Staff Reporter

After teaching at Eddyville High School, Winnebago High School, Omaha Nation Middle and High School, Ann Scott is now teaching at Schuyler Central High School in the Math department. Mrs. Scott mentioned that one of her goals this year is “to build rapport with my students.” Mrs.  Scott attended Iowa Central Community College where she earned her. Associate degree and then she attended Wayne State College to earn her Bachelor degree in Education. Understanding the concepts in math is hard enough for some students, but Mrs. Scott hopes to show what math is really about and how math doesn’t have to be viewed as a difficult topic, but an enjoyable topic and for students to be looking forward to. 

High school for Mrs. Scott was “attending the football games, and basketball games.” During her high school years, Mrs. Scott enjoyed her algebra and trig classes. Mrs. Scott’s inspiration to become a math teacher was from her old high school math teacher. She watched how her math teacher was passionate about the topic and very compassionate. Often Mrs. Scott is asked what she does for a living and she replies with “I teach high school math.” One last thing Mrs Scott mentioned is “Watching students who struggled with a concept finally understand it” is what makes her day.