A small school to a bigger school


Photo Credit: Gadiel Alvarado

Ms. Morton is ready to teach English 11.

Gadiel Alvarado, Staff Reporter

Megan Morton, the new English 11 teacher, is one of the new additions to Schuyler Central High School. Ms. Morton has only one year of teaching experience. Ms. Morton previously taught seventh, ninth, and tenth graders in the English department at Wisner-Pilger High School. Now she teaches the eleventh graders at SCHS. Ms. Morton is looking forward to learning about and from her students while they learn from her as well. Ms. Morton is also looking forward to going to more school activities and supporting the students.

Ms. Morton graduated from Lakeview High School at Columbus. She enjoyed her activities, coaches, and teachers. Ms. Morton also played volleyball and was in choir. Ms. Morton’s coaches are still a part of her life to this day. Ms. Morton graduated from Wayne State College. She really enjoyed the small community of Wayne. Even though Ms. Morton is an English teacher, she says she is not naturally the best at writing or understanding what she has read. However, she still really enjoys teaching English. Ms. Morton chose to become an English teacher so she can make others enjoy it even if they didn’t naturally excel in the area. “We can all learn together,” Ms. Morton shared. Ms. Morton has enjoyed SCHS so far. She appreciates the support from the administrators and other teachers. Ms. Morton also enjoys getting to know her students and seeing them in other activities in addition to her classroom. “It is a bigger school than I originally planned on coming to, but I am very happy to be teaching here this year,” Ms. Morton explained.