“Aha” moments motivates new Teacher


Photo Credit: Rosibel Soto

Ms. Mejia sits in her new classroom.

Rosibel Soto, Staff Reporter

Due to Mr. Nelson’s retirement as the Personal Finance teacher; Daisy Mejia was hired to become the new Personal Finance teacher. Ms. Mejia originally came from Tecumseh Johnson County before arriving in Schuyler with her three daughters, Bonnie, Abby, and Flo. Ms. Mejia claimed that she decided to get a job here at Schuyler Central High School because she “saw the efforts the district leadership and teachers were putting forth to make the district an awesome place for students.” Ms. Mejia has a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Computer Management Information Systems from Peru State College. While working as a Personal Finance teacher, she’s slowly working towards a Bachelor degree in Spanish from Arizona State University.  Not only is she working on the Bachelor degree in Spanish, but she is also working on a Transitional Teaching Certification from University of Nebraska at Kearney. 

Ms. Mejia explained that the reason she was motivated to teach personal finance and was interested in the topic was because she took a class on budgeting and managing your assets while pursuing her Bachelor degree, investing in stocks is and really enjoyed it. Ms. Mejia compared fantasy football league to personal finance by stating that “you’re hoping the teams, in this case, stocks you pick, are winners in the long run.” Ms. Mejia wanted to share her knowledge and passion for the topic with students so they can make good financial choices.

In the time that Ms. Mejia has been here, she’s been motivated to keep teaching. The “aha!” moments, seeing the information and topics “click” in a student’s mind is something that keeps her going. She shared that “when someone is interested in learning more about a topic, such as asking about retirement, taxes, or stocks, is also something that motivates me to continue teaching.”