Two new teams for Dance


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

The Dance team performing at the Pep Rally.

Gina Escobar, Staff Reporter

This is the first year the Dance team has two teams, a varsity and junior varsity. Natalie Yrkoski, a senior, is the Varsity Captain. Natalie commented that “Having a junior varsity and a varsity is working well for the Dance team!” Freshman, Mia Bernal, who is in her first year in Dance commented that “The junior varsity and varsity in my opinion is working out well!”. During Spring tryouts all dance candidates were accepted onto the team. Natalie explained that “it is easier to create the dances to be more interesting and having everyone accepted made the Dance team a lot better.” Mia also explained that “It made me feel good because everyone got a chance to be in the Dance team.” 

 According to Natalie, this is their first year they received compliments this early in the year on their performance. Natalie shared that “I am very excited to see the improvement the dance team has made by the end of the school year, and I’m already impressed with how much they’ve improved this early into the season.” Natalie’s main goal for the dance team is to become more known in the community. Mia’s goal is to improve her skills. This year there are a lot of girls that strive to get better for the team, and for themselves personally. Natalie explained that “This year’s team is one of the best dance teams we’ve had for a while.” Natalie believes her strength as a captain is her work ethic. Natalie commented that “Being in Dance is not as easy as it looks.” Dance is hard because there’s a lot of training, practicing, and commitment once you join the Dance team. The dancers run through dances outside of practice and work hard during practice.

Now that there is a varsity and junior varsity, JV will start performing one night during basketball season. The people in the stands won’t watch the same performance twice. The JV will perform during the basketball halftime, and varsity will dance at boys basketball halftime. Natalie shared that she is “very excited to see what this season holds!”