Runners proud of season success


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Warriors off to a great start at the Schuyler Invite.

Esdras Santay, Staff Reporter

The 2022 Cross Country season has been successful. The Boys Cross Country team came in 1st place at North Bend Invite and at the Schuyler Invite as a team. The Girls Cross Country team came in at 1st place at the Schuyler Invite as a team. Both teams have had other team and individual notable placing and wins also. Senior, Gavin Bywater, and Freshman, Miriam Deanda, are leading the boys and girls teams. Freshman, Diana Ramon commented, “This season has honestly been amazing.” Diana notices how hard the team works to reach specific goals and how they help push themselves to meet high expectations. Senior Niurka Castro shared her thoughts on this season, “I feel very proud about how we are performing this season.” 

Every athlete has goals that they hope to achieve and one goal Diana had achieved was to improve her personal record. One of Niurka’s goals she had already accomplished was to have fun. The Cross Country team had a huge success in this season. According to Diana “We’ve all learned to put ourselves out there and showed everyone who we are.” Coaches can motivate athletes to do better and Diana shared that “Coach Carter and Coach Beebe’s practices have made a big impact on our achievements.” According to Niurka, the team has won two meets and the cross country team has created strong bonds with each other. 

How do these athletes keep doing well in cross country? What keeps Diana motivated are the great bonds and how well they get along with each other. She was told that cross country is one of the hardest sports out there and that made her feel satisfied knowing that it is hard. “Also Coach Carter and Coach Beebe’s deep inspirational talks help us realize that we can achieve many things” shared Diana. What keeps Niurka motivated is her team and how they encourage her to do her best.  

Athletes continue to accomplish goals and set new goals. Diana shared a goal she needs to accomplish, “Some goals I feel like I need to work on is getting a better mile time and seeing big progress throughout the season.” Diana also said she will become more committed to running. “One goal that I need to work on is beating my times from last year,” Niurka explained.