A win for Football


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

The coaches telling the football players what to do.

Gina Escobar, Staff Reporter

The 2022 football team scored a new victory at Arlington on October 7th. It has been two years since they have had a victory which was in 2020 against Douglas County West. The football team was very excited for their first victory. Troy Schlueter, the new head coach, stated that “he was very happy for the boys to experience a payoff for their hard work.” Jason Jacinto, a freshman, commented that “It feels good to win a game especially since we haven’t won since 2020.” Although their season has ended, “this win will help many more wins to come next season” commented Jason. 

In addition to a new coach and coaching staff this year, the football team has a new theme. It is “ACP” which is Always Chase Perfection. Coach Schlueter stated that he‘“was reading a book by Lou Holtz that was talking about themes and sayings for teams to go by, and I had just heard a sermon at church about chasing the perfect one, so I thought it would be a good idea to combine the two.” The football players are instructed to strive for perfection in their work, relationships, skills and attitude among other things, and according to Coach Schlueter “it’s easy to remember three letters so we went with it.” 

Jason Jacinto played center position in the Arlington game. Jason had to make sure no one tackled the quarterback or running back in the back field. Jason made preparations to make sure he would be great for the game. Something Jason worked on was his footwork and double teams. Jason did that so he could get movement up on the line so he could give the team a hole to run in. Jason shared that “the team has improved every game because I know my teammates take practice very seriously and I know we are getting better.” Although they only won one game, “I am very proud of them,” commented Coach Schlueter. Since this season has ended Coach Schlueter commented, “I’ve seen improvement in many areas, but the one that I think is the most important is the way that the boys began to do things that showed they cared about their teammates; they showed up to practice on time, going to practice every day, giving effort every rep of every drill and others things that I respect a lot!”