Head Coach inspires Volleyball Girls


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Natalie Yrkoski is receiving the ball.

Mia Andrade, Staff Reporter

In the past few years, the volleyball team has gained many wins and took a few losses. With the new team players and new methods of playing position, they were back with more energy and self-confidence. Volleyball has done alot to improve this season, according to Natalie Yrkoski, a senior player. They were working on “passing, blocking, serving, hitting ,and setting almost everyday at practice.” Natalie also mentioned that during practice the volleyball girls had “put in hard work and determination so that when it’s game time we are prepared.”

Natalie said, Drey Keairnes, Head Volleyball Coach, “has made a huge difference to the team and kept the team motivated for practices and games.” Natalie mentioned that having a coach that “all the players can get along with has helped us succeed as well as we have this year.” Natalie also mentioned that “one of their biggest strengths on the team is their communication.” When the volleyball players make a mistake on the court they talk it out and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Their biggest weakness was the volleyball girls dropping their energy.” Natalie exclaimed that “our team has such a great bond that it’s easy for us to bounce back and get the next point!” Ailyn Portillo had 42 serving aces, and 130 kills according to MaxPrep.com. MaxPrep also showed that Natalie Yrkoski had 19 serving aces and 163 kills. Piper Lefdal led the team in digs with 201 digs and she also had 58 kills.