Role playing game became New Club at SCHS


Photo Credit: Seth Paesl

Mr. Seehusen is helping the Dungeons & Dragons club on their adventures.

Amy Juarez, Staff Reporter

A new club called Dungeon and Dragons has started at Schuyler Central High School which Seth Paesl, Social Studies teacher, started. This game consists of a minimum of three players and it is a medieval role-playing game. Every Friday after school, students are welcome to play Dungeon and Dragons in Mr. Paesl’s classroom. Each game day includes snacks to eat while playing. Mr. Paesl started this club because he witnessed students playing Dungeon and Dragons while in school rather than outside of school. Mr. Paesl shared that “as long as there is student interest” he will continue this club for students to join. Mr. Paesl also shared that he “did play other strategy-based games such as Sequence, Monopoly, but nothing as complex as Dungeons and Dragons”. Students will unlock new role-playing skills throughout the game with their mindset and imaginations. 

Jossie DeLaTorre joined the Dungeon and Dragons club and this is her first time playing. Jossie had no idea how to play or how to even begin. The only thing she knows is that she is ready to let her creativity come to real life. Jossie has made campaigns which are a continuing storyline and she has also set up adventures but nothing compared to the Dungeons and Dragons. Jossie is the Dungeon Master. As a Dungeon Master, Jossie is in charge of creating challenges throughout the adventures which Jossie isn’t actually playing but making the adventures more interesting for the rest of the players. “I’m really just looking forward to being able to make my weird stories come to life,” explained Jossie.