Band rewarded by their hard work


Photo Credit: Becky Lefdal

The band team smiling proud of their win.

Jacquelyn Perez, Staff Reporter

On October 5, 2022, Schuyler Central High School Band students competed at the Pierce Marching Band competition. They received a Superior Ranking, which is the highest competition honor. Paul Niedbalski and Morgan Semerad worked with SCHS and colorguard and band students to prepare for the competition. This year there are 75 marching band students. Band teacher Paul Niedbalski has been teaching since 2010. An improvement band has made this year was on the fundamental marching and focusing while practicing. Band has four competitions ahead of them this year. Mr. Neidbalski was asked how he felt about the competition and he said, “I feel great!” According to Mr. Niedbalski. “The students put on a terrific show and were rewarded with the highest rating a band can get!”

Ericka Quezada, a senior, has been playing in band for 8 years. Ericka plays the clarinet. Ericka was asked why she went out for band because she “wanted to try something new and I’ve always enjoyed music.” Ericka competed at the Pierce Competition and her experience was fun and enjoyed her time with her friends. Her mindset when competing at competitions is to remember that if she gets confused about arriving at a certain spot in her, it is exciting to stand on the podium and watch Mr. Blue Sky unfold. Ericka thinks the band did well because they were focused and had an hour of rehearsal time beforehand.

Gina Alba, a junior, has been playing in the SCHS band for 7 years. Gina plays the clarinet for marching season and the bass clarinet for concert band. Gina was asked why she played in a band and she responded, “I joined because I love music and a lot of my friends were also joining the band, so I wanted to hang out with them as well.” Gina’s mindset for band is when she gets nervous she remembers that she cares and wants to do well. Her experience at the competition at Pierce was “a blast!” She saw her friends from other schools and bands they don’t usually get to see at competitions. Gina thinks they did well because they were productive during practice and kept their eyes on the prize.