FFA ‘22 at National Convention


Photo Credit: Casey Harper

The SCHS FFA members that went to 2022 FFA Nationals.

Gina Escobar, Staff Reporter

Schuyler Central High School FFA went to the 2022 National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. FFA has gone to Nationals three out of the last four years, however one year it was virtual. The FFA Co-Sponsors that went with the students were Casey Harper, Hal Moomey, and Lynn Hansen. There were fourteen students who attended. They were Wyatt Kluck, Josh Parsons, Carter Perrin, Trey Svatora, Grant Arps, Hayden Bailey, Talon Andel, Jani Yepez, Angi Yepez, Kathryn Novacek, Eliza Bailey, Abby Reyna, Hope Borman, and Bela Jedlicka. To go to the Nationals FFA members had to complete a packet of questions and a grade check, check with their parents, and be interviewed. 

At the convention, the students listened to guest speakers and connected with global businesses and colleges from across the country. Students also had the opportunity to see national-level Leadership Development Events take place. The students also visited other educational places such as the John Deere assembly plant in Waterloo, Iowa. They also went to a small buffalo ranch. On the buffalo ranch, the students went on a tour of where over 50 head were raised from birth to market. The students were able to compare how buffalo vs cattle are produced and sampled bison meat at the end of the tour. 

On their way back, they also visited several different Amish communities and were able to see an Amish grocery store, saddle shop, and even a bakery. Talon Andel, a junior, who went to Nationals commented, “My time at Nationals was enjoyable.” When Mr. Harper was in high school he had the opportunity to go to FFA Nationals twice when it was in Louisville, Kentucky. While in college, Mr. Harper attended once with the Pierce High School FFA members. Mr. Harper commented, “Students benefit in many ways from going to Nationals.” This was all very educational for the members that attended, as they got to learn more about different areas of agriculture in different states and areas. 

Bela Jedlicka, a sophomore who attended the trip, explained that she “would tell other members to try to attend because it is very cool to see all 65,000 people that attended dressed the same, see the blue jackets fill the stadium, and take over streets in Indianapolis.” Bela shared that her favorite part “was hanging out in the hotels, shopping at conventions, visiting the Amish, or going go karting on the second to last day of our trip.” Talon explained that his favorite part about the trip “was going and walking around Indianapolis and looking at the different places and also meeting different businesses in the convention center.”