A good Cross Country season comes to an end


Photo Credit: Lyndon Beebe

Miriam Deanda, Sinai Sanchez, Gabby Rodriguez, and Gavin Bywater were the 2022 State Cross Country qualifiers.

Perla Mejia, Staff Reporter

Schuyler Cross Country finishes off the season with four State qualifiers. The 2022 State qualifiers were Gavin Bywater, 12, Gabby Rodriguez, 10, Sinai Sanchez, 10, and Miriam Deanda, 9. Last year there were three qualifiers. Rick Carter, the Cross Country head coach shared “It’s my first time in my 17 years at Schuyler that we have gotten 4 State qualifiers in Cross Country.” Gavin Bywater finished off his last Cross Country competition at State. Gavin felt excited when he qualified for State, but his goal was to do well at State. Gavin ran 5 kilometers, 3.1 miles. He placed 62nd at Class B State and got a time of 18:26. There were a total of eighty-seven runners at State. Gavin shared “I was disappointed with my performance at State, but I couldn’t be happier with how the entire season went, so I’m satisfied.”

 Sophomore, Gabby Rodriguez placed 48th place at State. She received a time of 22:52. Sinai Sanchez placed 67th place at State. She had a time of 23:30. Freshman Miriam Deanda felt very proud of herself because she knew what she wanted and she’s been training since summer. Miriam placed 34th place at Class B State. She received a time of 21:26. There were a total of eighty-eight runners for girls. Miriam did very well at State and it’s her first year at SCHS participating in Cross Country. Miriam has three more years to improve “My goal for Cross Country next year is to place at State and improve my times from this year,” explained Miriam.