Bleached Portraits adorn History Hall


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Aivlis Serrato and Yessica Garcia standing in front of Yessica’s portrait. Not Pictured was Emily Daviu.

Logan Lesiak, Staff Reporter

New hallway art has been added to the school in the history class hallway. The art was created by using bleach in a very creative way. The art was made by students in Michael Trotter’s art classes using Clorox bleach and paint on black paper to create bleach portraits. Mr. Trotter is the Schuyler Central High School Art teacher. Mr. Trotter explained that he wants people to be curious about how it was made when they see it. 

Mr. Trotter also explained that it makes the school look good, gets students to buy into the Art program, and that it could peak students’ interests about getting into an art class. “We have artists in our school that make stuff that I think people would like to see,” Mr. Trotter explained. Ailvis Serrato, a senior and one of the bleach portrait artists, shared that she was happy when she heard her art was going to be hung up since students would see the work she put into the portrait.

Mr. Trotter is planning on changing the art in the frames once a month. Aivlis likes the idea of having more art around the school as well. “It would be a great way to show off the students’ hard work and give them the appreciation they deserve,” Aivlis commented.