New Head Coach for Boys Basketball


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

The 2022 SCHS Boys Basketball Team.

Gadiel Alvarado

Boys Basketball’s new head coach is Rodney Ruybalid. This is Coach Ruybalid’s twelfth year coaching basketball. Coach Ruybalid has ten years of experience as a head coach and one year as an assistant coach. Coach Ruybalid was a four year basketball letter winner at Nebraska Christian High School in Central City where he also graduated high school from. Coach Ruybalid also played one year of college basketball at Grace University in Omaha. Coach Ruybalid was inspired to coach because of his dad who also coached boys basketball. “I spent hours in the gym watching my dad interact with his players and determined I wanted to do the same,” Coach Ruybalid explained.

Coach Ruybalid’s first goal for the boys basketball team is to improve themselves as people so they can be a better person that will contribute positively to society. Coach Ruybalid’s second goal is to improve their skill throughout their season. Coach Ruybalid wants to see the team push themselves so that they can make more progress to become better. The assistant coaches for the boys basketball team are Jordan Hass and Troy Schlueter. Giovanni Martinez, a junior, is a boys basketball player. This is Gio’s first year playing boys basketball. Gio’s goal for the basketball season is to improve dribbling and communicating. “I don’t really have a reason for enjoying basketball other than growing up playing basketball for fun and naturally liking it,” Gio proudly said.