One Act is off to a successful start


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Esmeralda, played by Gina Alba, is emotional about the murder of other character.

Gina Escobar, Staff Reporter

The 2022 One Act Play Production has started competing. They are performing the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The co-directors are Chase King and Hope Pedersen. They oversee all the steps and processes. The main actors performing are; Gina Alba 11, Josue Fuentes 12, Collin Gibbons 12, Joel Medina 11, Daniel Morales 10, Michael Ariaza 12, Vincent Wegner 12, Alex Aldana 10, and Yeilla Lopez 12. Josue Fuentes plays the hunchback and Gina Alba plays Esmeralda, the hunchback’s love interest. There are about 45 students performing or helping with the production. Adults who are assisting are Abby Linerson, sophomore English teacher who focuses on costumes, Morgan Semerad, the middle and high school music teacher who helps everywhere, and Paul Niedbalski, the high school Band Director who helps with the music. “It was stressful in the beginning, but I think we are growing nicely,” explained Mr. King. “There is always something to keep improving and they are doing that each week,” stated Mr. King. 

On Saturday November 5th, the One Act crew competed at the Schuyler Central High School Performing Arts Auditorium. Actors that received outstanding acting awards at Schuyler were; Colin Gibbons 12, Gina Alba 11, Daniel Morales 10, Josue Fuentes 12, Michael Ariaza 12, Vivi Anne Sayer 12, Jamie Romero 12, Jazminlett Bernal 9, Lucia Mendez 12, Yessica Garcia 11, Lizbeth Trejo 12, and Joel Medina 11. “I felt honored to be recognized as an outstanding performer and that my hard work is noticed and recognized by others,” explained Josue Fuentes, a senior who won the award. A freshman who won the award at Schuyler, Jazminlett Bernal explained, “At first I was confused but once I stepped on the stage I knew I had done a great job.” 

“One of their strengths is the kids’ facials and character development, they are each unique and it is fun to see them develop,” commented Mr. King. Last year at Districts the Schuyler One Act placed first and on November 29th they went to State. At State December 10 2021, the One Act crew did not place but won the Outstanding Technical Crew Award.

November 12th, the One Act team competed at York. They received third place in Division 1. At York, students that received the outstanding actor award for One Act were; Colin Gibbons 12, Gina Alba 11, Joel Medina 11, Josue Fuentes 12, Daniel Morallis 10, Yeilla Lopez 12, Michael Ariaza 12, Vincent Wegner 12, and Vivi Anne Sayer 12. Michael Ariana, a senior, who won an award commented, “I’m very proud of myself for earning an outstanding actor award.” On Saturday November 19, One Act recieved first place and was crowned Central Conference Champions. Their public performance is November 27th at SCHS Performing Arts Auditorium 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.