Girls Wrestling Preview


Photo Credit: SCHS Yearbook

SCHS Girls Wrestling team 2022.

Ximena Vasquez, Staff Reporter

Twenty girls are going out for wrestling at Schuyler Central High School. “SCHS has a good core of experienced girls this season,” shared Mark Wemhoff. Coach Wemhoff is a Science and Construction teacher and the Girls Wrestling Head Coach. Many of the girls have wrestled for four to six years. SCHS has four returning wrestling State qualifiers; Hasley Salgado 12, Courtney Briones 10, Carly Wemhoff 11, and Gina Alba 11. “What I want most is team togetherness,” comments Coach Wemhoff. Wrestling is one of Coach Wemhoff’s favorite parts of the day. Coach Wemhoff enjoys seeing them get better at certain skills which makes him happy.

Freshmen Nadia Pond, who is part of the girls wrestling team, has been wrestling for about a year now. Nadia’s goal for this season is to try her hardest in matches and just overall become a better wrestler throughout the season. Nadia saw an opportunity where students could sign up and she didn’t know if she’d like it or not, but she wanted to try new things and that’s how she got into wrestling. It is difficult for Nadia to be able to do things off season due to her other sports, but she stays in shape throughout the year because of her other sports. “My favorite part about wrestling is definitely getting to improve on the sport you really enjoy,” shared Nadia. Another one of Nadia’s favorite parts about wrestling is making friends with people you go against or just getting new opportunities and getting to go places to wrestle.