Boys Wrestling Sneak Peek


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

The 2022-23 Boys Wrestling team.

Perla Mejia, Staff Reporter

42 boys are going out for wrestling this season. Most of the wrestlers have wrestled in middle school. The wrestlers have a good knowledge of the sport. Schuyler Wrestling retweeted on November 10 “Whatever your 100% looks like give it up.” This is being demonstrated by how  on Thursday December 1st they won at Crete 66-6. It was a landslide. They won 3-2 at the Blair Dual December 2. 

David Arciga, a freshman, joined wrestling this year. David wants to compete at a higher level and have a bond with his teammates and everyone on the team. His goals for this year are to have a good record and to win a couple of matches and to help the team out in Duals or invitationals. David is trying to improve on some basic things like shots, takedowns, moves, defense stuff, learning to run the right things and what things that work. He has wrestled for 6 years but didn’t wrestle in 7th or 8th grade.

Jeremy Hlavac has been teaching at Schuyler High School for 14 years. Coach Hlavac is a Physical Education and Health teacher. He’s been the wrestling head coach for 9 years. Coach Hlavac assistants are; Science teacher Nick Wilcox ,Drey Keairnes, Librarian and English teacher, and middle school Special Education teacher, Tyrell Reichert. Coach Willcox and Coach Keairnes have been assistant coaches for 9 years and Coach Reichert has been an assistant wrestling for 4 years. Coach Hlavac began wrestling at a young age. His father was a coach for wrestling in Bruno. He wrestled for East Butler all his years.