Ten Trees for the Community


Photo Credit: Erin Trotter

Yoanna, Alexia, Anayeli, Natalie, and Karla standing next to a tree they planted next to the SES playground.

Gadiel Alvarado

At the beginning of November, ten trees were planted. Some of the trees were planted here at Schuyler Central High School’s greenhouse and some at the Schuyler Elementary School playground. The students who were involved in planting the trees were Shirley Trejo, Natalie Carreto, Yoanna Gonzalez, Alexia Marino, Jonathan Medina, Anayeli Ramirez, and Karla Rodriguez. They are all from Casey Harper’s 7th and 8th period classes. This class is the Nursery and Landscape Management class, which is an Ag Ed class that Mr. Harper and Erin Trotter, the Greenhouse and Fieldhouse Directors, teach. The grant, Free Trees for Fall Planting, sustained by the Nebraska Environmental Trust and the US Forest Service provided the trees and is available every year. Mrs. Trotter could apply for the grant annually and keep planting trees at the elementary school or at other locations across the district as needed.

Mrs. Trotter applied for the grant so that the trees could benefit the school and community by growing and maturing. “As they grow and mature, they will begin to provide shade, wind protection, and some privacy to the playground area which will make it more enjoyable to use all year long,” Mrs. Trotter explained. They will also improve the air quality by filtering out pollutants as well as converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, which will benefit the climate. Their large roots will also prevent soil erosion and flooding when it rains. “Trees have also been shown to benefit communities just by being aesthetically pleasing,” Mrs. Trotter stated. Trees have a very long life span, therefore planting trees at the school buildings will help “send a message to students and families that are interested in the long term well-being of our school,” shared Mrs. Trotter.