An exciting end to the One Act season


Photo Credit: Robbi McKenney

The One Act crew overjoyed that they got first place at Districts.

Gina Escobar, Staff Reporter

On November 29th, 2022 One Act had the opportunity to host Districts at the Schuyler Central High School Performing Arts Auditorium. The hard work and determination of the SCHS One Act led them to receive 1st place at Districts. Actors that received the Outstanding Actors Award at Districts were; Daniel Morales 11, Josue Fuentes 12, Yeilla Lopez 12, Victor Chavez 12, John Lopez 9, Colin Gibbons 12, Vincent Wegner 12, Thayli Corona 12, Marleny Diaz De Leon 12, Vivi Anne Sawyer 12, Fredy Vazquez 12, Guadalupe Zuniga 12, Yanibeth Carias 11, Analy Arciva 11, Gina Alba 11, Joel Medina 11, Michael Arriaza 12, and Alex Aldana 10. The SCHS One Act also received the Outstanding Technical Crew award. Gabriel Schwarte, a junior who is the One Act Student Director, commented “I was very happy that we won.” 

Getting first placed at Districts qualified the SCHS One Act to compete at State. On Friday December 9th, One Act traveled to Norfolk to compete at state. SCHS got 5th place out of 6th place. In the Schuyler division the following schools placed; Omaha Concordia first, York second, Minden third, and Ogallala fourth. “Although they did not place higher, they did an amazing job” explained Co-Director and SCHS Speech teacher, Chase King. Actors who got an Outstanding Actor Awards at State are: Gina Alba 11, Alex Aldana 10, Michael Arriaza 12, Vivi Anne Sawyer 12, Josue Fuentes 12, Colin Gibbons 12, and Joel Medina 11.