Books bringing joy in the SCHS Library


Photo Credit: Drey Keairnes

Seniors, Niurka Castro and Kathryn Tzunux unwrapping their gifts in the library.

Jacquelyn Perez, Staff Reporter

The Schuyler High School library has been giving away books as gifts for Christmas this year. Drey Keairnes is a librarian, English teacher, and a volleyball head coach. Mr. Keairnes came up with the idea from TikTok. The books are wrapped like presents and students can come in and open them. The books are new and featured. After opening the books they will check out  their books as usual. So far there have been 10 new books checked out by students. Mr. Keairnes likes doing this activity because it’s fun when students check out a book and they don’t know what they’re getting. 

Mr. Keairnes did this activity because “It is a fun way to help students read something new and hopefully find something new that they enjoy. It also helps feature some of the new books in our collection to get new releases into the hands of our students in an unconventional way.”  Niurka Castro, senior, attended the event. This is the second time she has participated in the library gift opening. Niurka was asked how she felt and she said, “I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know what I was going to get.” The book she opened up as a gift was called “My Boyfriend is a Monster” by Evonne Tsang.