Conditioning prepares girls for soccer season


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Gabriela Rodriguez playing soccer.

Ximena Vasquez, Staff Reporter

Soccer season is around the corner. The girls are preparing for soccer season by going to conditioning. Conditioning is every Monday night at the Field House at 6:00 PM, which will continue until the season starts. A couple of fathers of players have been working with some of the girls during the off season running and doing different strength activities. “Soccer is a game dependent on endurance and bursts of speed,” explained Girls Soccer Head Coach Clarissa Eloge. The conditioning is to help those that only play one sport so that when it comes to season, they will be all ready to go. However, the athletes that are involved in activities all year long, or those running and doing activities to stay in shape should be fine when it comes to soccer season and the running it involves. Jennifer Novak, a Special Education teacher at Schuyler Elementary School, and Alexis Wilch, a Spanish teacher at Schuyler Central High School, are this season’s assistant coaches. The first game, which is a home game, will be March 16th vs Aurora.  

Lizbeth Hernandez, a freshman at Schuyler Central High School, is one of the girls that has been going to conditioning. “I think soccer conditioning is going great and will definitely have an effect on this soccer season,” shared Lizbeth. Lizbeth thinks it’s a great opportunity to get back in shape for those who haven’t done much out of season and get back into soccer to learn the basics and be ready before the season starts.