Weather effects Blood Drive


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Staff for the blood drive are getting everything prepared.

Gadiel Alvarado, Staff Reporter

On December 14, 2022, the annual blood drive was held here at Schuyler Central High School in the auditorium. Elizabeth Lickei, a 12th and 10th grade English teacher at SCHS, coordinated the blood drive with the help of four other students each period. Guadalupe Zuniga, a senior here at SCHS, is one of the students who helped out with the blood drive. Guadaluep has helped the blood drive twice so far. “I really enjoyed working with other people to make the blood drive a success,” Guadalupe shared. There is a constant need for blood. According to Ms. Lickei, each unit of blood can potentially be used to save 3 lives. To donate blood on your own, you need to be at least 17 years of age, but you need parental permission if you are 16 years of age. On the day of the blood drive, donors need to be feeling well and have eaten as well. Donors should also drink plenty of water the day before, the day of, and the day after donating. There are also height and weight requirements too for the students. 

The goal for the blood drive in December was 81 units of blood. Unfortunately, they did not reach their goal because of snow and other issues. They only collected 59 units of blood. “It is rare that we do not make or exceed our goal!” Ms. Lickei stated. The Red Cross also had a scholarship. The scholarship money is based on the units of blood collected for the year. To earn the scholarship a senior who is active at the drives is awarded the scholarship. “The best part about the blood drive is knowing that we have done our part to make a difference and save lives,” Ms. Lickei happily shared.