Speech Team starts off hot


Photo Credit: Speech Team

The Speech members who received awards at NorFolk.

Gina Escobar, Staff Reporter

The Warrior Speech Team has been having a successful start of their season. They have 23 members in their Speech Team. There are 13 returning members from last year and ten new members. Chase King, a speech teacher, is the Head Coach, and the returning Assistant Coach is Hope Pederson, an art teacher at Schuyler Elementary School. Mr. King commented that “Since we were head coaches in One-Act together it is nice that she is here to keep bouncing ideas off of all the while pushing our students.” The new assistant coaches are; Megan Morton, an English teacher, Abby Linnerson, an English teacher, and Issac Cook, a World Studies teacher. Mr. King shared that “These three are starting to learn our traditions and yet still bring fresh perspectives to enhance our team.” One of the Speech Team strengths is the desire and hunger to prove who they are and their experience and desire to do well, according to Mr. King. Mr. King explained that “It is fun to see each find ways to keep improving.” 

On Saturday January 7th, the Speech Team had their first Speech meet at Norfolk. Schuyler got Team Championship out of everyone there. Students who placed were: Elizabeth Harding (Persuasive Champion, Exempt Champion, and Impromptu Champion), Vivi Anne Sayer (Informative Champion), Piper Lefdal (Dramatic Interpretation Champion), Ben Lefdal (Humorous Interpretation Runner-Up), Colin Gibbons (Point of Information Champion, and Poetry Runner-Up), Josue Fuentes (Point of Information third place, Impromptu seventh place), Alexander Aldana (Humorous Interpretation  fifth place), Joel Medina (Dramatic Interpretation sixth place). Vivi Anne Sayer commented, “I received champion in Informative speaking and was shocked since I have never won a meet before.” Elizabeth Harding also received Individual Sweepstakes Champion. Piper Lefdal shared that “The first meet really set high expectations for the season which I think is good for our team.” If anyone is interested in being on the Speech team speak to Mr. King in room 24.