Food and Faith


Photo Credit: Jacquelyn Perez

Donuts and Devotion a new event a SCHS.

Jacquelyn Perez, Staff Reporter

“Donuts and Devotions” is a new event at Schuyler Central High School. High school nurse Cori Vavricek, has been hosting a devotional prayer event. Every Wednesday students and Mrs. Vavricek gather together at seven in the morning in the Green room and share their thoughts about their faith and has yummy donuts. There are about five to ten students who attend the devotion, but Mrs. Vavricek would like to see more students attend. The idea of the devotion prayer time was conceived by Mrs. Vavricek as a way for high school students to deal with the pressure of school and life. 

Mrs. Vavricek shared that she “wanted there to be a safe place for students to feel comfortable sharing and building their faith.” Mrs. Vavricek wants students to navigate through time easier with others that care about them. Mrs. Vavricek wants students to benefit from this by convincing students that it’s a safe place to talk about their faith and enjoy fellowship with other high school students. At the “Donuts and Devotions,” even students that don’t attend church or are not religious are welcomed to attend.