Wrestler wins 100th career win


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Diego Maganda after winning his 100th career win.

Gina Escobar, Staff Reporter

On January 20th, wrestler Diego Maganda, a senior, won his 100th career win at the David City Invitational. Even though he won his 100th career win, he and Jeremy Hlavac, the Head Wrestling Coach, decided to celebrate it at the West Point Beemer dual in front of their home crowd on January 24th. Diego is the 16th wrestler in Schuyler history to get their 100th career win. The last person to win their 100th career win was Jesus “Chuy” Maganda in 2019. “Chuy” Maganda is Diego’s older brother. Most wrestlers would be excited on their 100th career win, but Diego explained that “he felt nothing different, it was just like any other match” when he won his 100th career win. 

Diego claimed his third straight Central Conference title on Saturday in Seward. The Schuyler wrestlers qualified for state duals for the first time since 2019. Diego feels that one of his greatest strengths is his conditioning. He trains a lot to make weight. A person that gives him a lot of strength to push through the obstacles is his dearest friend who watches over him from heaven who passed away last year. He commented that “It helps remind me that all of the hard practices and tough weight cuts will only last for so long.” Since Diego is a senior, he plans to continue his wrestling career after high school. He has not committed to a college to attend after graduating from high school. Diego’s advice for someone who wants to start wrestling is that “wrestling is not just about wrestling.”  He explained that wrestling “teaches people many life lessons and skills needed in life.”