FFA Recognizes Area Farmers


Photo Credit: Robbi McKenney

Aidan Rorah and Raymond Zastera assisted with the raffle.

Gina Escobar, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, February 9th, the Schuyler FFA Chapter hosted an Ag Night. This was the first time the Schuyler FFA Chapter held an Ag Night. During Ag Night, the farmers in the community had the opportunity to have a free meal, tour the agricultural classrooms, and be recognized at halftime of the boys and girls varsity basketball games. Their hard work was recognized with a free meal and an appreciation video at the halftimes of the basketball games. Over 60 people came and were served around 100 burgers. The farmers were informed about this event through word of mouth from our FFA members, the Schuyler Chamber of Commerce, and by flyers created by FFA members, which they put out in the community. The purpose of the event was to recognize members in the community who work in the agricultural industry. Often people in these careers put in long hours to put food on our tables and clothes on our backs. Hal Moomey, FFA Co-sponsor and SCHS Ag teacher, commented “We wanted to show our appreciation for all of their hard work.” 

Local businesses who supported the FFA event were: QC Supply, Bomgaars, Cargill, Schuyler Chamber of Commerce, Bank of the Valley, Pinnacle Bank, Homestead Bank, and the Schuyler FFA Alumni. The FFA members planned the entire event. FFA members talked to the Chamber and helped coordinate the event by reaching out to the people. FFA members were in charge of making the burgers, contacting businesses to get raffle prizes, decorating the FFA classrooms by creating posters, and giving tours to the community. Mr. Moomey explained that “It was a great way for them to use their leadership skills to organize and run this event.” SCHS benefited by being able to showcase the FFA Chapter and gain a higher attendance at the basketball games. The FFA members got to show the community what they do in their classrooms and how the FFA members act. “Ag Night was such a huge success that this will become an annual event,” explained Mr. Moomey.