Boys Soccer to “Play for our School”


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

The 2023 Boys Soccer team.

Logan Lesiak, Staff Reporter

The Schuyler Central High School boys soccer team has many new players. There are 58 players in total, 19 of which are returning players. Lyndon Beebe, the head coach for the boys soccer team, shared that they have three goals, “play for each other, play for our school, and play for our community.”

There are also some personal goals the boys soccer team would like to achieve as well. One of the sophomores playing for the boys soccer team this year, Kevin Pacheco, shared that his personal goal is that he would like to “take care of any attackers that will come my way.” Jonathan Medina, a senior who is also participating in boys soccer this year, also has a personal goal. “My personal goal is to help my team succeed as well as I can, and hopefully be a leader to some of those younger boys on our team as I am a senior,” Jonathan stated.

The boys soccer team will definitely face many challenges this year, but challenges can also be a positive thing. Kevin thinks one of the challenges they will face will be the weather. “The wind has messed us up countless times and took a lot of opportunities from us,” Kevin explained. Jonathan shared that one of the challenges they think they will face is overcoming adversity. 

The boys soccer team will face many different skilled teams this year, some will be more difficult opponents than others, but which team will be the hardest to beat? Kevin thinks the hardest team to beat will be Lexington. Jonathan thinks Bennington will be the most challenging team to beat, though, he believes they can beat them. “I strongly believe we have what it takes and more to beat them and many other of those tough teams,” Jonathan stated.