First win of the season


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

The 2023 SCHS Girls Soccer team.

Rosibel Soto, Staff Reporter

The Girls Soccer team season already started. Head Coach Clarissa Eloge has been coaching the girls’ soccer team for the last 9 years in both assistant and head coach roles. Assistance Coach Jennifer Novak has been coaching girls soccer for three years now. During the off season, Coach Eloge set up an “off season conditioning.” She explained that “off season condition” was where they had “Conditioning from November until the week before practice began where the girls worked with club coaches on strength and conditioning activities.”

Returning player, Maria Genchi, a sophomore, has been in soccer for two years. Maria shared that she is working to improve this season with “conditioning and my ball control.”  Head Coach Eloge stated that she and the assistant coach “are going to continue pushing the girls to do their best every possession of every game and to preach to the girls they are going to play how they practice.” 

On March 20th, 2023, the Girls Soccer team played their first home and season game against the Aurora Huskies. They won 3-2. Gabby Rodriguez, a sophomore, scored two out of the three goals. Lizbeth Hernandez, a freshman, scored one out of the three goals. Their upcoming game is against York Dukes on March 27th. Last year the Warriors and Dukes tied two for two.