Will summer practice pay off for Boys Golf?


The 2023 Boys Golf team.

Jeremy Jurado, Staff Reporter

Boys Golf is starting the 2023 season with five returning golfers and nine new additions to the team. “I had a good handful of golfers get in a bunch of extra rounds of golf with me this summer,” Boys Golf Coach Brante Hayes mentioned. Coach Hayes is excited to see how their work this summer pays off and helps out the team. This is Coach Hayes ninth season coaching boys golf and the continuing growth of his team has him very excited to start the season.

One challenge the golf team is currently facing is not being able to practice at Schuyler, because of the current condition of the greens. “My favorite thing about golf is how challenging it is,” shared Matthew Gibbons, a freshman. Matthew is challenged the most by having to remember the rules. The next boys golf varsity meet is on April 6, Thursday and the only home meet will be on Thursday, May 11. Included in this years team are Dillon Johnson, 12, Derrick Sock, 12, Ben Lefdal, 12, Matthew Gibbons, 9, Aiden Kronberg, 11, Wyatt Kluck, 11, Joan Hernandez, 11, Jacob Hahn, 9, Daniel Cruz, 11, Joel Medina, 11, Nathan Colvin, 9, and Landon Johnson, 9.