Famous Ag Speaker at SCHS


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

SCHS students welcoming Mary Temple Grandin.

Amy Juarez, Staff Reporter

Schuyler Central High School welcomed Mary Temple Grandin as a guest speaker. Mary Temple Grandin is known for her knowledge in animal behavior and autism. She is also the author of several books such as “The Way I See It,” “Calling All Minds”, “Navigating Autism,” and many more. Temple Grandin has a movie written about her which is called “Temple Grandin” that came out in 2010. The movie talks about a woman with autism and handling livestock on cattle ranches, but also to overcome different goals even with autism. Since her days in high school and the help of her science teacher, Temple Gardin gained the confidence and the inspiration she has today. From gaining confidence, Temple Grandin has had a successful journey talking about her autism and still continues to go to different places to share her story. 

Casey Harper, an agricultural educator and FFA Co-advisor at SCHS, hosted the Ag presentation with Mary Temple Grandin. Mr. Harper’s reason for bringing Temple Grandin to SCHS was to talk about how she overcame so many obstacles.  Mr. Harper shared that one thing he enjoys about Temple Grandin is “her passion for what she does in the livestock industry.” This isn’t Mr. Harper’s first time hearing and meeting Temple Grandin. He first met her during college at a leadership conference in Kearney in 2018. One benefit Mr. Harper thinks Temple Grandin gave the students was that they will use what she said to explore agriculture. Before she came to talk to SCHS students, she spoke to the Nebraska Poultry Industries in Columbus earlier the same day. Angela Schwarte, a Special Education teacher who attended the presentation as well mentioned that something she found interesting was “her talk about her diagnosis of autism and how that led her to her work.”