23-24 Cheerleaders revealed


Photo Credit: Ashlie Stone

Schuyler Cental High School 23-24 Cheerleaders revealed.

Gina Escobar, Staff Reporter

The annual cheer tryouts were held on Monday, March 27-31. Every morning at 6:30 a.m students interested in becoming cheerleaders had practice. The students had to have a teacher evaluation from four of their core classes and one from an elective class. There were 26 students that came to tryouts and only 15 students who made it. The SCHS 2023-24 Cheerleaders are: Yoanna Gonzalez 12, Melanie Rocha 12, Kiara Valle 12, Yamilet Ortiz 11, Alex Aldana 11, Daniel Morales 11, Sinai Sanchez 11, Bela Jedlicka 11, Mia Bernal 10, Alexa Contreras 10, Evelyn Rocha 9, Helen Rodriguez 9, Nuria Fuentes 9, Lexi Wallingford 9, Aileen Barahona 9. The grades listed are the grade they will be next year. Mrs. Stone, the Head Cheer Coach and the Special Education teacher, explained that “We have a lot of new people this year, so my goal is to master the basics, once that is done I want this team to grow together because this is a fairly young team.”

Mrs. Stone wasn’t  looking for the best technique, she was looking for a role model, a great student, and a respectful person inside and outside of school, commitment and good morals. Mrs. Stone explained that, “When those pieces are in place, technique and content can be taught.” Mrs. Stone believes that it will be a year of learning and growing. The Cheer Squad had 12 seniors leave “We are starting almost at ground zero, but I believe everyone is ready to put in the work,” Mr. Stone commented. Challenges the cheerleaders will be facing are cheerleading in general.  “If they aren’t dancing in town, it’s probably their first time trying something like cheer,” Mrs. Stone explained. 23-24 SCHS Cheerleader, Yamilet Ortiz commented that “Even if it isn’t my first year, the feeling of making the team, and seeing who made it is always a good feeling.” Yamilet is excited to make bonds with the new girls, make new experiences, and excited to see how the new uniforms are going to look.