Mechatronic Students Sign on to CCC


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Maximus Moran working on his Mechatronic classwork.

Amy Juarez, Staff Reporter

There are a lot of career opportunities in a student’s future when it comes to taking Mechatronics classes. According to Don Seehusen, the Skilled and Technical Science teacher at Schuyler Central High School, “Mechatronics is the intersection of IT and automation.” Students who are taking mechatronics are getting an opportunity at Central Community College at Columbus. There were twelve students who signed letters of intent to go into the Mechatronic program at CCC, eleven out of those twelve students who signed were from SCHS. One benefit Mr. Seehusen shared is that SCHS offers the classes as “dual credit, which means they are earning free college credits.” There are a lot of businesses around the area who are in need of employees with these skills such as Cargill in Schuyler, Vishay, and BD both in Columbus and many more businesses. While in class, Mr. Seehusen shared that “students are learning about electronic circuits, fluid systems, sensors, and integrated computers called PLCs.” In addition to the PLCs computers, the National Science Foundation supplies the students with equipment they can use during class time.

All 11 SCHS students who signed a intent letter to CCC. (Photo Credit: Don Seehusen)

Maximus Moran, a senior enrolled in Mechatronics, has enjoyed “working with my hands and in the lab.” As a senior, Maximus had to start thinking about the different careers he would like to take and how much time he would have to spend in college to earn his degree in that specific career. Maximus has the opportunity to be in mechatronics, which allows him to get a high paying job with only a two year degree. One of Maximus’ benefits is that he can be able to find a job with any manufacturing companies because of his experience in mechatronics.