Bilingual ability earned girls scholarships


The two scholarship winners accepting their scholarship.

Rosibel Soto, Staff Reporter

The University of Kearney is a university in Nebraska that about 87% of freshmen can receive scholarships and/or grants. From Schuyler Central High School, seniors Kathryn “KT” Tzunux and Lizbeth Trejo each received a Bilingual Scholarship of twenty-four thousand dollars to cover housing costs over four years at UNK. There are many ways you can receive the scholarships. For example, on the website from UNK.ed UNK states that “Many scholarships are available based on need, academics, diversity, service or talent.” UNK also states that “Students must be admitted to UNK and submit transcripts by March 1 to be eligible for most scholarships and some scholarships will require a separate application to be completed.”

KT, an upcoming UNK cheerleader, will be studying pre-nursing at UNK and then later transferring to the University of Nebraska Medical Center to finish her two years of nursing school. “I have the option to job shadow in hospitals and view surgeries where I have utilized my bilingual abilities, living in a diverse community has allowed me to expand my communication skills,” shared KT when asked why she thought she was selected. “Starting early will give you ample time to gather all of the necessary documents and create a strong application because many scholarships have specific deadlines,” KT advises.

Lizbeth Trejo, a senior, will be studying at UNK and plans to major in political science and is thinking about minoring in Global Peace and Security. Lizbeth went on to explain that she thinks she was selected for the scholarship because “the field I’m going into is in need of those in which bilingual skills are important.” Lizbeth advises that when applying for scholarships “it doesn’t hurt to try and apply, because you never know, you might get one!”