Mike Flood visits SCHS Art student


Photo Credit: Samantha Ladwig

Mike Trotter, Destheny Ortetga, and Mike Flood showcasing the art that will hang in the capital building.

Jacquelyn Perez

Destheny Ortega, a Schuyler Central High School sophomore, is having her art recognized. Her work paid off and earned her a visit with 1st District Congressman Mike Flood. Destheny’s art is called “Las Brillantes Distintas.” The art is described as a still life drawing. Destheny’s inspiration came from her friends and her art teacher, Mike Trotter. Destheny was inspired by her friends to keep on going. Destheny started getting into art this year. 

She described her art by saying, “If you were to look at it from many angles it looked real.” The shadowing and the light beaming on the glass and buttons stood out once seen from different angles. The Art classes she has taken was Intro to Drawing. The art chosen was her first real art piece. Destheny was selected by completing a form. Destheny had to write the name of her art, and what it is and the basic information. Destheny’s artwork will be displayed at the Nebraska State Capital for the next year. The Congressional Art Competition was held at Lincoln, Nebraska and gave other high school statewide artists the opportunity to win also. All the art from students was reviewed and rated by art professional artists.