New Math Teacher Returns to SCHS


Joel Carrillo

Ari Silverio and David Juarez

Here at Schuyler Central High School it is the beginning of a new year with four new teachers. One new teacher is Joel Carrillo. Mr. Carrillo is one of the youngest teachers that came to this school. He officially became a teacher and graduated from Nebraska University on May 5, 2018. He has to learn all about the school rules for his students. He decided to teach at Schuyler because Schuyler is his hometown. He knows the background of this school. He was interested in becoming a teacher because he thought it would be fun. He enjoys being a teacher. He teaches 3 types of subjects. In total he teaches 6 algebra classes in total. He has been in other schools such as Lincoln North Star, Lincoln Southeast, and Lincoln Southwest, but he chose to teach here in Schuyler. He enjoys teaching his classes. He is good at what he does here at this school. Mr. Carrillo is good at being an Algebra teacher and we are looking forward to getting to know him better.