A Preview of Warrior Fall Sports

Esmeralda Lara, Staff Reporter

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The best part of starting school off in the Fall is the Fall sports. These sports include football, softball, volleyball, cross country, and girls golf. Every Fall season the coaches have different goals and expectations, not just for the sports, but for their players as well.

This football season they hope to continue to build the success that they had last year. Coach Aaron Thumann said, “It’s going to take a lot of hard work and sacrifice by both the players and coaches, but we are hungry and excited to see our program continue to grow!” During practice the players are working with situations that may occur in games. This helps the player understand the game more and feel more comfortable. The young men have had great, positive attitudes in practices. They are motivated to become better at this sport.

Getting up early every Saturday for practice is going to help the Cross Country runners better themselves. These practices are something new this season.  Along with runners doing a lot more bleacher running to help prepare them for hills. Head Coach Rick Carter hopes to get more runners to state this year and help them improve everyday.

According to Coach Jenna Saalfield the Volleyball girls “hope to improve there record from last year. They seem to be getting comfortable with their new roles and rotations. This helps their level of play go more up. They are working on many things including  keeping up their momentum during practice and games and also working on fast paced practices.”

Coach Kelly McClintic said that their “main goal this season is to prepare 5 solid varsity golfers, but most importantly is to have a team that helps one another. The girls seem to always have a great attitude on the field.” Coach McClintic said they are “always smiling and that he loves seeing Warrior Green girls and golf bags going out to their tee off number happy.”

This season the Softball girls’ main goal is to score more runs and to hit the ball to bring those base runners home. Coach Scott Anderson said that “adding another batting tunnel has helped them with their goal.” He has noticed that there are more girls ready to compete on the varsity level.

All of these sports have great goals and are ready to achieve them. They have made great changes and continue to get better. All Fall sports SCHS coaches are grateful to be working with such great players. These teams are going to succeed in many ways.