New administrator joins the Warrior family


Joey Lefdal, Schuyler Central High Schools’s newest administrator.

Edgar Herrera, Staff Reporter

Joey Lefdal is a new administrator at Schuyler Central High School. His title is Director of Student Services. He worked at Chase County Schools as a superintendent in Imperial Nebraska, before becoming an administrator here at Schuyler. Joey Lefdal is a married man and a father of 3. Right now he currently works with kids on their behavior, making sure they get to school, coming up with plans with the students to attain their goals, and teaching two science classes. He wants to be another person in students lives that cares about them. He personally loves working with kids. He thinks every kid should be successful. Dr. Lefdal believes that “every student should be successful, we sometimes just need to think differently on how we should bring an education to the students.”

Something that inspired Dr. Lefdal to become a teacher was his teachers that he had. He said they were really great and he wanted to make a difference in the the students learning. His first job was at Lame Deer, Montana as a teacher. Then he moved to Platteview Central Jr High as a counselor. He worked in many schools in these states; Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska. His duties were different at every school he worked at, but the one he worked the longest as was as a superintendent. Something that he likes about our school is that he thinks all the students are very polite, and quiet in the hallways.