Striv at SCHS

Video Credit: SCHS Broadcasting class

Carlos Salinas, Staff Reporter

Striv is a company that provides a live video streaming website for schools to share their live events online. Live streaming provides a way for schools to connect with those who are unable to attend to the events. Striv along with the Nebraska Department of Education, Nebraska Coaches Association and the Nebraska Scholastic Athletic Association reaches out to a lot of viewers on the Striv website.

According to the SCHS Assistant Principal Jim Kasik, “Striv wants a diverse school who could speak first hand about some of the things that there athletes, coaches and their fans have witnessed.’’ Striv is making a video about Schuyler Central High School and will share it on there website. The video is called “Competition and Kindness can Coexist”  It is a video about competing at a high level but still keeping kindness and respect for each other. According to Mr. Kasik, ‘’This video will bring an awareness to other schools that we are all different one way or another but we all can treat each other with kindness and respect.’’ Striv plans to roll it out at 4 sportsmanship summits in mid-November.  It will also be used as public service announcements across the state.