Venom Movie Review

Credits to: Sony Pictuers

Credits to: Sony Pictuers

Carlos Salinas, Staff Reporter

I would recommend that you go watch the movie ‘’Venom’’. The movie has suspense, humor, and romance. It’s rated PG-13 and it is a little scary. It had about 30% rotten tomatoes and 95% likes rating on its movie.

In the movie VENOM, a spaceship containing alien specimens crashes on Earth. One of the symbiotes gets away. While the others are taken to San Francisco for testing by the Life Foundation and its wealthy CEO, Carlton Drake ‘’Riz Ahmed’’. Meanwhile a reporter named Eddie Brock ‘’Tom Hardy’’ discovers damaging information about Drake on a computer belonging to his lawyer girlfriend, Anne ‘’Michelle Williams’’ and tries to use it during an interview with Drake. The choice costs him his job and his relationship. Later Drake’s assistant Jenny Slate starts to feel guilty about what’s going on at Life Foundation and sneaks Eddie onto the Foundation. He is caught and becomes the host for another symbiote and turns into the powerful Venom, but Drake wants the creature back and will stop at nothing to get it.

According to, the Symbiote was originally introduced as a living alien costume in ‘’The Amazing Spider-Man’’ #252 published in May 1984 with a full first appearance as Venom in ‘’The Amazing Spider-Man’’ #300 published in May 1988.

The Venom Symbiote’s first known host was Spider-Man who eventually separated himself from the creature when he discovered its true evil potential. The Symbiote went on to merge with another host named Eddie Brock as its second and most infamous host with whom it first became Venom and one of Spider-Man’s worst enemy. According to the marvel spin off series, S.H.I.E.L.D., it is considered one of the greatest threats to humanity alongside Magneto, Doctor Doom, and Red Skull. In conclusion Venom is a decent movie to watch so go see the movie. It is a good movie to watch and to enjoy so sit back and relax and buy yourself a ticket to go see it.