Commitment is needed in Worked Based class


Photo Credit: Casey Harper

Gavin Bywater using his time wisely while in Worked Based class.

Amy Juarez, Staff Reporter

The new Work Based class has many different opportunities, but for students it is an opportunity to do what they are passionate about. Casey Harper, Agriculture teacher, has a total of six students in his Worked Based class. Students who qualified for Mr. Harper’s class had to first have a discussion with him and be in good standing with credits and other class grades. This is Mr. Harper’s first time offering this class and one expectation Mr. Harper has for his students is “for students to represent SCHS at the work site with the people they are working under.” Students benefit by earning school credits and also having the opportunity to represent our school. Another benefit students have is “building stronger relationships with businesses in the community,” shared Mr. Harper. 

Gavin Bywater, a senior enrolled in the Work Based class, has so far learned about working in an office setting, working with graphic design and websites, and also working with businesses in the community. Gavin enjoys his freedom in Work Based class and exploring life before he graduates. Gavin has a couple of months until he graduates. “Having time to find new opportunities that I may find interesting and pursue after graduation, saving me time,” which is one benefit Gavin says he has before graduating. Gavin had the opportunity to explore the different types of careers at QC Supply. Gavin’s expectations in the Worked Based class are “to have a better understanding of what I would like to do after high school,” shared Gavin. Gavin tends to spend his time on brochures and websites and later on will learn about businesses in the community.