Student fun during Winter Break

Amy Juarez, Staff Reporter

All winter breaks are different from previous years. Students may have planned ahead of time to travel outside of their hometown to spend the holidays with family who they don’t see often. Often if it is a stay at home winter break in which students spend most of their time sleeping in. Other students spend their time getting to know family more and how their traditions work during the holiday season.                                      

Carolina Carvajal, a junior, has had many different experiences when it comes to her winter break. Carolina shared that “this winter break was different because I’m older now and everything changes.” One of Carolina’s goals over winter break was to exercise more and to maintain her weight for the upcoming wrestling meets. Everyone has their favorite part of their winter break, but Carolina’s favorite part was that “she was able to sleep in.” When it comes to activities during winter break, Carolina shared that she made a gingerbread house and also had a wrestling meet.

Yajaira Grimaldo, a freshman, spent her winter break in Mexico visiting family and enjoying the holidays. Most students don’t have the opportunity to see family during the holidays, so when Yajaira got the opportunity she knew she couldn’t say no. Yajaira’s favorite part of her winter break was “being able to see my family I don’t see often.” Yajaira didn’t have a goal to do during her winter break, but if she had one it was to “spend time with my siblings while making gingerbread houses or building legos.” Compared to all of Yajaira’s past winter breaks, she shared that “this winter break was different because I traveled outside of Schuyler.”