From Student to Teacher


Photo Credit: Esdras

From Student to Teacher

Esdras Santay, Staff Reporter

Alexis Wilch is a former student who graduated from Schuyler Central High School. Ms. Wilch is now a teacher here at SCHS. She graduated from SCHS in 2018 and went to Wayne State College. Ms. Wilch earned her Bachelor’s degree in Science, grades 7-12, and in Spanish Education. Ms. Wilch is currently teaching Spanish I, II, and Culture class. According to Ms. Wilch, she was raised in Schuyler and felt the need to give back everything she was given, especially support and the drive to do well in school. “I believe everyone has the potential to do great things and my goal is to try to get as many people to see that in themselves here,” Ms. Wilch shared.

Many people have a favorite memory from high school. Ms. Wilch’s favorite high school memory was winning State for One Act. According to Ms. Wilch, she felt an amazing feeling and “we were greeted with so much love and support,” Ms. Wilch added. In high school, Ms. Wilch was active in National Honor Society, Culture Club, soccer, softball, basketball, Science and Math Club, S Club, Project S, One Act, Choir, and the musical. Ms. Wilch is a second generation SCHS graduate. Her mother also graduated from SCHS and is also working as a teacher for Schuyler Community Schools.