Weather effects SCHS


Photo Credit: Logan Lesiak

Snowy weather in the streets of Schuyler.

Logan Lesiak, Staff Reporter

As many know, the weather conditions within the last few weeks have been filled with snow and icy. Many things have been affected by this, including school cancellations, games being postponed, and the mobile food pantry being cancelled. The two games were postponed, the wrestling game December 20th, and the basketball game January 3rd. Travis Steinhoff, the Assistant Principal and Activities Director, shared that he hates events being postponed because of weather. Mr. Steinhoff wants athletes and participants to enjoy their time at Schuyler Central High School. Mr. Steinhoff also explained that it’s rare to see events closed by ice with no snow. 

Weather also effected staff during winter break and the recent professional development day, on January 4th and January 18th, staff were able to work from home or school due to the ice and snow conditions. Daisy Mejia, FCCLA Advisor and Business teacher, agreed that it was a good decision to let staff work from home. “Staff being able to work from home on the 4th was a great decision, for our staff members that have a long commute and those who live out of town,” Ms. Mejia explained. Mr. Steinhoff shared that it’s fortunate that we have this technology to let staff work from home. Some of the latest effects of weather were school closing on the 19th which made it a four day break for students instead of a three day break.