Tutor with varied background joins SCHS Math Dept.


Jasmine Salgado and Ketsia Dimpolo

This year SCHS has gained some new teachers. We interviewed the new teachers, and among them was Mr. Richard Godejohn. We asked him couple of questions to get to know him better. He began his math career before graduating high school. He tutored other students in his school classes and that continued through to today. He did not start getting paid as a tutor until last year. Before coming to SCHS, he taught at a state prison in Florida. Recently he taught at Heartland Boys’ Home in Geneva, Nebraska. Mr. Godejohn decided to teach high schoolers because he “tends to make little kids cry”. He has been told that he has a good and relatable dynamic toward high schoolers, and enjoys developing those higher reasoning skills. Those skills began to show during his later teenage years. One thing he is looking forward to this year is cultivating those great relationships with his students, to make them feel comfortable in his classroom yet excited to come in and learn. An interesting fact about Mr. Godejohn is that he has been to both the Arctic Circle and the Equator while serving on board a nuclear submarine in the US Navy. Throughout the year, hopefully the students will get to know Mr. Godejohn better and build a nice relationship with him.