Welcome Back!


Carlos Salinas, Staff Reporter

Welcome Back and Hello Schuyler Central High School students! Schuyler Central High School has new things to offer this year with new teachers, new rooms and more. There is upcoming events for sports and also activities to help out the community of Schuyler. This year Schuyler Central High Schools has more students with over five hundred and seventy students in attendance.

There are four new teachers this year at Schuyler Central High School who help the students learn and graduate. The new teachers in SCHS are Mollie Maresh (Ag), Joel Carillo (Math), Staci Shonka (Math), and Richard Godejohn (Math). There is also a new administrator at SCHS, Mr. Joe Lefdal.

A new room has been added to SCHS. Be sure to stop by to see the new art room and Mr. Trotter to see how sharp it looks.

This is the last year for Seniors.  Soon you will be saying goodbye and hello to new faces. To see what seniors are going through right now read the new Senior View article. Seniors will be soon pursuing their career that they worked so hard for. Good Luck Seniors.