The Power Of ”Student Assistance”


Student Assistance program facilitated by Sidnee Pavel that helps students.

Carlos Salinas, Staff Reporter

Student Assistance is a program that is funded through a state grant through the Colfax County Authority Office. This program is run by Sidnee Pavel. Pavel started the program at Schuyler Central High School. Student Assistance provides assistance to students who are in need of help  and their families as well. Students can come to Sidnee Pavel’s office or be referred to her by the school counselors or teachers. They will help with everything from personal hygiene products to household supplies, clothes, equipment for sports and everything in between.

According to Sidnee Pavel, Colfax County Truancy Officer, approximately 85 percent of the Schuyler population is below the poverty line or at the poverty line. If there is a student and they do not have shampoo and deodorant, they are probably not going to want to come to school to be around people. If they don’t feel good about themselves then they won’t attend school. Other schools in the district also have the Student Assistance program. In the future, it will help students get things that they need to make it easier for them to attend school.

Student Assistance has now been in the school for 3 years. The first year it was based only on donations and money from Sidnee Pavel’s own pocket. It has been state funded for the last two years. Through her position at the school, she saw that there was a need for it and created the program at the high school. Sidnee Pavel said ‘’she loves doing Student Assistance, it really helps students and it does a lot of good for the community’’. Pavel loves helping people so this program is excellent for her. The Student Assistance program is an asset to our school and community.