Band; hard work is Rewarded


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Schuyler band students performing during a home football game.

Brienna Romero, Staff Reporter

On October 5, 2019, the band students received a superior ranking at the Pierce Marching Competition meet. Benjamin Coatney, Troy Ehmke, and Morgan Semerad worked with Schuyler Central High School band students march at the Harvest of Harmony Parade. 

Band teacher, Benjamin Coatney has enjoyed his third year teaching at Schuyler Central High School. According to Mr. Coatney, there are 72 students enrolled in band. The division of instrument players are eight flutes, 12 clarinets, 13 alto saxophones, one baritone sax,10 trumpets, one trombone, two baritones, two tubas, two snare drums, one tenor drum, four bass drums, one pit percussionist and 11 Color Guard members. The 2019-2020 drum majors are Ashley Hernandez and Sarai Avila. The advantage of the drum majors being apart of the cheerleading squad allows their role to be natural. “One of the many reasons why we are having a successful season is because the drum majors continue to work hard and impact the group,” stated Mr. Coatney.

Photo Credits: Unknown
Schuyler band students celebrate their superior ranking.

According to Mr. Coatney, the mindset of the band students effected their success towards leadership, teamwork, work ethic, and demonstrating positivity through every band student. “When you have good students who have leadership whose goals are aligned that impacts the rest of the group. Good leadership allows us to hold each other accountable when we have areas that need improving and to establish new goals that we can start to meet,” stated Mr. Coatney. Due to the band students’ improvement, the band is achieving their goals. For example, the band students are memorizing three songs of their halftime show and taking suggestions on improvement from judges.