Construction Project Moves Forward


Photo Credits: Carlos Salinas

A closer look at the west side of SCHS construction project is almost completed.

Brienna Romero, News Reporter

Schuyler’s population continues to increase. One of the reasons why Schuyler Central High School students and the community need a larger educational facility, is that in the last five years, the enrollment of SCHS has increased from 450 to almost 600 students and the increase is predicted to continue. 

According to Dr. Dan Hoesing, Schuyler Community Schools Superintendent, one million dollars has already been spent on the construction project. The construction workers have faced challenges such as when the high school’s pipelines and city’s pipelines needed to be connected, a complication had occurred with the flooding incident in March 2019 which affected the underground process. “Weather is always subject to delaying or changing of priorities,” Dr. Hoesing acknowledged. Dr. Hoesing believes that if a portion of the construction project is stopped, the construction workers simply focus on another portion of the construction project.

An outer look of the construction project.

All the sub utilities, structures, and footings or foundation of the construction project are completed. Precast concrete was completed on January 18th. After the building’s walls are completed, the construction workers can begin to work on the inside of the construction project. Also, the construction workers are completing the south driveway and main parking lot presently. According to Dr. Hoesing, there are few changes addressed to the performing arts remodel. Currently, the seating arrangement is being reevaluated.

 The deadline for these requirements such as remodeled restrooms, classroom doors, and new cafeteria will be completed by August 1, 2020. When school begins in August 2020, at the west side of the school there will be the new entrance. There will be an estimate of 230 parking spots in the new parking lot. Dr. Hoesing believes the gymnasium, locker rooms, and wrestling rooms will be completed in October 2020. Dr. Hoesing stated that the theatre is scheduled to be completed before the end of the first semester.