Two new faces on SCS School Board.


Photo Credit: Robbi McKenney

Three open spots were filled in election on Schuyler School Board.

Lasayia Ramirez, Staff Reporter

Three positions were filled on the School Board. The winners of the School Board Election on November 4th were Charles Misek, Guadalupe Marino and Renee Sayer. Guadalupe Marino and Renee Sayer are two new faces to the SCS School Board. Ms. Marino is a School Counselor at Columbus High School. Mrs. Sayer is a Family Nurse Practitioner for the Schuyler Clinic.

Ms. Marino has been getting a lot of questions about her position on the board. “I want our community, especially our Latino parents to get involved as much as possible in the education of their children, but I know that if we don’t know how things run it seems that it gives us excuses to not be able to support the students in having a better education” stated Ms. Marino. Many years ago Ms. Marino was a student at Schuyler Community Schools. “I want students to have a safe and positive environment like the one I had, an environment where you can learn what you have to learn and where you feel the pride to be a Warrior” explained Ms. Marino. Ms. Marino became a board member to give Latino people an identity and a voice.

Several years ago Renee Sayer was approached by members of the community who were concerned about their children and their education.  “Several students were becoming rebellious to their parents in a manner not typical or appropriate per their family’s background based on the use of technology in schools. Another was concerned about their very high needs child with language barriers.” stated Mrs. Sayer. This led Mrs. Sayer to do research into the community member’s concerns. After the local school board was left with a vacant seat, Mrs. Sayer applied for an appointment to the seat but another candidate was chosen to fill the position. As she continued to see the needs for a voice for healthcare concerns, she decided to run for one of the three seats open on the board. Mrs. Sayer is part of a large healthcare system where transparency is vital to the employees and community. According to Renee Sayer, members of the community have expressed concern about budget/spending related to services completed by people with ties to the school system. “I want for this school to succeed. I want to see students challenged and be offered the opportunity to grow in academics as well as learn the importance of trade education with parents who attended trade schools” comments Mrs. Sayer.