Past Students now Staff


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Mrs. Ladwig, Mrs. Stone, Ms. Medina, and Ms. Wilch’s yearbook senior pictures.

Logan Lesiak, Staff Reporter

Some staff here at Schuyler Central High School have more varied experiences at this school than others. All staff and teachers were once students, but how many of them get to work at the same school they graduated from? There are currently four staff at SCHS, who once walked the halls as students. Samantha Ladwig, who is the Assistant Principal, is one of the few staff members who graduated from SCHS. Mrs. Ladwig explained that a lot has changed since she was a student, including the school physically. “When I was a student here, the office was in the area where Mrs. Schwarte’s classroom is, and the current office area, English classrooms, and band room didn’t exist,” Mrs. Ladwig shared. Ashlie Stone, who is a Special Education teacher and SCHS graduate, shared that there have been some facility improvements, changes in technology, and a change in rules since she was in high school.

The experience that some staff members such as Mrs. Ladwig and Mrs. Stone have can be used as a good word of advice for current students. Alexis Wilch, who is now a Spanish teacher and SCHS graduate, has advice for students. “Be a lifelong learner, school teaches you many things, but the world has knowledge that extends beyond the classroom, be open to it,” Ms. Wilch shared. Mrs. Stone advises students to keep pushing until you’re the best version of yourself. Iris Medina, SCHS graduate and Attendance Specialist, advises students to get involved with activities in the school. Mrs. Ladwig’s advice is to “take full advantage of the opportunities that are given here at SCHS and to truly listen to the advice given to them from the adults in the building.” 

Many past students at SCHS have had good memories at this school. “My favorite high school memory was going on a two week trip to Europe with a group of students and teachers the summer before my senior year,” Mrs. Ladwig shared. Ms. Wilch explained that her favorite part of high school was soccer games, soccer practice, and bus rides. Mrs. Stone explained that she liked the simplicity of high school and the hangout spot after school, which was the bandstand, a cement bandstand that many students at SCHS used to go to after school. Ms. Medina shared that her favorite memory from high school was senior prom, in which she said “it was so much fun.” Mrs. Ladwig graduated in 2009, Mrs. Stone 2012, and Ms. Medina and Ms. Wilch both graduated in 2018.